Monday, 2 April 2007

the wife's tale

Well, here we are nearing the end of the first Revlimid cycle. Stewart's experience has been better than we dared hoped, even taking into account the fact that he is still recovering from his leg surgery. Once he got rid of the crutches and could hop on and off buses (literally!) with his bus pass and drive again there was no stopping him on the good days and on the less good days the main thing slowing him down was the fatigue that comes from being a steriod/Revlimid insomniac. In fact, he's been a hard man to keep up with over the past week! He has been working on his energy saving projects and has been to several meetings with an American colleague and friend we were also pleased to be able to spend some social time with. He has also had trips to Perth and to Glasgow and took up the laminate flooring in the hall and sold it for £1 on Gumtree while I was out for a couple of hours.

Yesterday, Stewart's birthday, was a red letter day - not only because we had a very sociable lunch with our kids and some good friends but,on a more serious note, because he was here not only to celebrate it but to enjoy it too. All in all, if being able to live life as normally and as fully as possible is the yardstick, compared with the months of treatment Stewart has had over the years since his diagnosis, this past month has to be one of the best. More of the same would be just great.

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