Thursday, 26 April 2007

Gas at a low peep, xmas lunch and security guards

Now in the drug free week of the cycle. As I had the steroid dose reduced its also meant that the past few days have been steroid free and means there will be no big crash tomorrow or the day after. So a week free of things to deal with. However, haven't got off quite scot free as I've had a chest infection for a couple of days now - did wonder why I was sleeping 8 hours or so then sleeping through the day - but its being dealt with by the trusty anti biotics. I have a supply at home as we know I need to start them quickly without having to go to hospital or the doctors- quick phone call or email to confirm starting them is usually enough. But my gas has certainly been at a low peep for a couple of days and antibiotics tend to make feel a bit low sometimes as well as queasy.

Three of us met for Xmas lunch- been trying since before Xmas to make it. One of the others is also a myeloma patient and its always difficult not to try to catch up and compare notes. Means though that the third member of the xmas festivities is well versed and well aware of myeloma and its implications. There 's something delinquent and pleasurable about having xmas lunch in April.

Also been working through the process for getting my car from Motability. Part of the process involves taking a form to DWP for certification etc. This involved today going to the Job Centre( why the job centre?). Although job centres are much better equipped and much more user friendly there is still an edge to them that makes them a bit unpleasant for all concerned. Even before I was allowed in I had to let two security men know why I was there. Once in there were more security guys walking about and in one case one of them went to stand "meaningfully" beside one guy disagreeing with a staff member. Really can't be much fun for either staff or clients working in such conditions. It also occurred to me though that as there are now no behind screen staff- its all open plan- the issue of staff security must be a consdieration. Bit depressing though.

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