Friday, 20 April 2007

Crash day and viaducts

Yesterday was a real crash day- the second day off the steroids and not unexpected. But I had two hospital appointments so again got very very tired. By the end of the day my battery was really empty and I could hardly speak. I'm writing this the next day at 6 am and already feeling much better and on the way up again.

First appointment was at Ward 5 for a review of my bloods etc for the Lenalidomide study. Again all is looking good and whatever else is happening I do seem to be tolerating it all pretty well. Even the research nurse was as excited as I am about my paraprotein results so another extra paraprotein was taken yesterday to see if it continues to come down at a rapid rate of knots. The issue of whether my Dex levels might be reduced was also raised and that is to be discussed with Huw my consultant- might be that I don't in any case need such high levels and given effect on my blood sugars might be good to reduce them a bit.

The other appointment was at Clinical Oncology where they are keeping an eye on the lesions in my arms and legs. In short, radiotherapy has helped the pain in my leg but the actual pin insertion surgery itself still giving me a bit of a problem. Also- CO has been told that my left wrist might also need plating or pinning at some time and so is being monitored by orthopaedics- again impressed by how my care is all " joined" up across departments and hospitals.

You all know how much I'm looking forward to getting on the TGV to the South of France- on my wish list. Also on the wish list is to see the Millau Viaduct. We've just discovered the Viaduct is only an hour from where we will be staying so a trip is on the books - great stuff! You can see it at and more info at

OK- its not the South of France but we are away to a caravan in the Highlands this weekend- and looking forward to it as much as the TGV! So Blog silence for a few days!

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