Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Last post and Wallis( not the Grommet one)

No - once again not that last post! Simply the last post for a wee while. Feel the need to have a break from the blog and have quite a few things just now. Main plan is also to have another holiday and we are probably going to St Ives for two reasons. One is linked to the fact I like naive art. There was a painter in St Ives called Wallis- had been a sailor and when he retired at 60 started painting. To cut a long story short his paintings have now become sought after but when he died he died ( I think) in the Work House. Wonderfully simple paintings. BY coincidence our lassie who has fallen in love with St Ives has booked up a cottage there for the end of the month. Yup, you've got it- belonged to Wallies. The other reason is of course to go to the Eden project.

Holiday plans influenced by my surgery on my right arm and also possibility ( x ray yesterday morning) that my left arm between shoulder and elbow is weakening. Trying to make sure we have holidays when I can enjoy them before unable to do so. One silver lining is that I'm using voice recognition software more and more and anticipate need it for later on.

So- might have a break from the blog writing- I've also agreed to take on some more work so I'll focus on that. I suspect though that I won't be able to stop writing the blog at all- too much of a showman!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Heavy metal and flowers

Had the surgery done on my arm and plating successfully done with new piece of metal now in place. Amazing the capacity of the human body to cope with serious intervention. Lots of the movement at my elbow is now back already though still pretty painful- hopeful that will ease as healing carries on. Radiotherapy now lined up for both the surgery area but also at my wrist where I'm having more myeloma related pain( my wrist broke a couple of years ago).

Interesting to note how different wards can be in different hospitals and covering different areas. In having my surgery done I was in a general orthopaedic ward. One thing different was that the ward was full of flowers whereas if I end up in Ward 8 ( Haematology ward) at the Western, flowers are prohibited. Also, I became a bit concerned when the guy in a bed opposite was hit by a serious chest infection- knowing how low my white counts are I don't think I'm being neurotic-just careful of the possibility of infections. Should I say something? Should I just ignore it? As it was, the Ward sister said she had tried to get me into a single room away from the risk of infection but it just wasn't possible.

Still wallowing in the enjoyment of Croatia and I note from Susie Hemingway's blog how important such holidays were for she and her husband( http://susiehemingway.blogspot.com/) Thanks for the comment Susie.