Monday, 30 April 2007

Drug free and solar panels

Not a lot to say- now in the drug free week and all OK. Minor issue at end of week with lots of tiny " blood blisters" mainly on my arms- indicative of maybe having low platelets according to research nurse so we'll keep an eye on them.

Given that I had no steroids last week and now no revlimid/Lenalidomidi until Thursday- feeling pretty good. Today is a big day- about to see how I get on on the bike as I intend to go for a short leg testing trial ride.

Other main issue- had to take down my wind generator- too much vibration on the wall and noise when it was very windy so I'm going down the solar panel route. What I don't understand is why Maureen my research nurse at the Western went white when I told her I'd been up on the roof dismantling the genherator and securing the solar panels!!

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