Sunday, 1 April 2007

April Fools Day and I'm still here!!

April Fools Day- my birthday! ( explains a lot about my sense of humour- I defy anyone to go through school in Scotland with an April Fools Day birthday without bearing various scars!). This is an important birthday for lots of reasons- the main one being that I got the message from one medic last year summer that I might not make my next birthday. Well bugger that- still here and still intending to be here next year. I have to be- I have a blog to write.

If those of you with diabetes and dexamethasone issues are interested - I keep track of my blood sugars at Lets you see just how much they are affected by the Dexamethasone and then how quickly they settle when I'm off the dex. To put in context- my insulin is Novomix 30

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