Monday, 16 February 2009

Not finished yet!!

Not finished yet!
OK- so I'm a showman and like to be front stage. Interesting that I find it difficult not to write the blog so I might write now and again and shorter posts.Just in case you think the myeloma has completely gone for me, since the last post( does sound final doesn't it!) and the three nice comments, I've finished one bike, nearly finished another; sanded the stair well; sanded our bathroom door ( new bathroom put in) in prep for painting; built a cupboard for Elspeth ( screw missing- it was an Ikea one. I wonder if I have an Ikea gene because various folks have commented on the fact I also have a screw missing!). So still working away. Cameron- I worked in the former central and eastern europe and I can guarantee that when you look for the Brechin city score on a Saturday night( as you say in your comment), you are joined by Russians, lithuanians, latvians, albanians etc etc! Only way I can keep the support levels up.We've also had 6 days up north in glorious countryside. So still hanging in there.