Monday, 16 April 2007

Teeth, football and atoms of delight.

You'll gather from the timing of this post that the steroids are keeping me awake again. Last night I had about one hour sleep having started the steroids though tonight a bit longer -about three. I also lost control of my Blood sugars and despite injecting more insulin found my BMs at over 21 with all the classic signs of diabetes. I'm also on antibiotics so that may not have helped though the chest infection effectively gone. Need to take more insulin than usual today. The great paraprotein result is still resounding but I have a wee bit of concern about this bone issue in my jaw and have to see the Western General Dentist tomorrow. The socket where I had a tooth taken out out over two months ago still hasn't healed and I have bare bone and also a sharp ridge. We'll see what's said tomorrow but "osteonecrosis" a possibility and my Zometa ( bone support drug) has been stopped for now as it might be contributing to all this.

But not all bad news by any means- finished building our little bit of decking and I now have my wind generator up on the roof and working as are also my solar panels. Still got to tweak the electrics a bit and fit a new more powerful generator to my exercise bike as a third source of power. Also, Brechin City have made it to the play offs with a chance of being in the First Division next year. I'm not sure I can bear all this excitement!

I've also started collecting what I've called my Atoms of Delight- after the phrase by Neill Gunn ( whose writings I like very much). An atom of delight is something that simply happens to you and give immense pleasure- often from the smallest of things and doesn't need any thinking about it- it just happens. It can also of course move you to tears just through the intensity of it. Since I've been on the myeloma and treatment trail I seem to have come much more open to these atoms of delight and consider them one of the great gains I've got from my myeloma. The kind of thing I mean would be ( and I did say they could be the smallest of things)- opening an oven door and getting the feel of the heat and smell of the food; catching a smile on Elspeth's face; the brouha of our children when they're all back in the house; suddenly hit by a piece of music that can take you back to another time and place. In fact anything can be an atom of delight and it can catch you at the oddest of times.

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