Thursday, 5 April 2007

Cycle 2 Day 1. Bicycle 2 Day1

Had bloods etc done to make sure I was OK to go on to cycle 2 of the Lenalidomide. All OK and in fact my bloods in general haven't dipped as low as I had thought they might-in fact they aresurprisingly good. So Day 1 of the second cycle now started and had the lenalidomide a wee while ago. I should have said that my paraprotein was unfortunately back up to about 20 or so( it was at 47 when first diagnosed) - the hope being that the Lenalidomide will bring it back down or at least stabilise it. I had a paraprotein done today but it will take till next week to get the result so we'll see whether any effect or not yet. Looking back over the first 28 days - despite the usual moans about the Dexamethasone- it 's been better than anticipated. Long may it continue. Also confirmed I can go on holiday in May and TGV now booked up to take us through France ( it reached 359 miles an hour earlier this week and set a new rail track record).

One of my friends who also has myeloma will also now be involved in the lenalidomide trial so he (Fred) might chip in now and again as we compare notes.

I was to have my zometa ( bone support drug) and IGG infusions this morning but decision made that I should not have any more zometa while there is concern that I might have the problem of bone issues in my jaw/tooth socket not healing. So zometa stopped at least for a wee while. Also the usual problem in trying to get a canula in for my infusion and asked again if I'd consider a hickman line which I'm really not too keen on. Agreed that if I go back on the zometa I can try a tablet alternative and by that time might also be off the IGG- so no need for a line or going home from hospital like a pin cushion.

Bicycle Day 1- plan is to get back on the bike at the weekend. I've also converted one of my bikes to self charge the old Sinclair Zeta motor drive from a dynohub with a voltage doubler on it- so that when the battery of the drive runs out I can charge it again as I cycle. So- Bicycle Day 1 at the weekend.

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