Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Teeth and tiredness and bikes

Better news at the WGH Dentist- less concern about the healing of my tooth socket and so less concern about things like " osteonecrosis" -so hopefully we can eventually cross off the checklist of things to keep an eye on. Another review in a month but all looking much better.

Been very, very tired today and kept falling asleep and this is me on steroids! Discovered my blood sugars were away up again- at a high 22- and this despite giving myself even more insulin. I guess there is an accumulative effect of the Dexamethasone by the end of each 4 day block. But I might ask if- as other studies are showing- whether a reduced dose of Dex might be a possibility. The baseline however is that I don't want to do anything to interfere with what seems to be positive effects from the Lenalidomide. I have a blood monitoring session on Thursday so might raise it then. Also be good to have some sense of how others are doing on the trial.

Not been on my bike yet- left leg still not healed properly from the insertion of the pin. Maybe by the weekend I might get out on it. Almost there and its a bit frustrating not to have been able to cycle in the good weather we are having here.

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