Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Pins and Needles or Needles and Pins-ah( apologies to the Searchers)

As you'll gather we've been away for a few days on holiday. Both of us with our medication packs as Elspeth has been signed off with pretty bad cellulitis in the arm where she has lymphodaema resulting from her breast cancer surgery. We both had to come back in the middle of the break to see our respective medics. In my case that involved the hospital to see the orthopaedic surgeon to check out my lesions and pin trouble etc. To cut a long story short- there appears to be little growth in the lesions in the leg with the pin in it and despite the apparent infection the pin is safe and secure. In fact he wants to adopt a " I'll call him" approach if I need to so one clinic less. But as a baseline for future infection risk he wanted some bloods taken- that's when the needle fun started- meeting nurses who hadn't encountered my veins before!! It took more than 6 goes with the nurses before a doctor was called. She then didn't so much use a needle as adopt a hammer and chisel approach- but it worked! But news re my leg is good and I was told I can do what I want until my ;leg and pin tell me not to. So I'll give all risky stuff a break for a week or so- so no climbing the ladder to my solar panel( which is working beautifully).

In terms of cycle 5- I had about three low ( physically) days after coming off the steroids but in general its not been a bad experience though I've been a bit tired. But it didn't spoil our break as we intended to have a relaxing time in any case- even went without the dog!

I also found out that the last paraprotein test was 10 but not a good measure as it was done after I'd been off the revlimid for about three weeks. But does indicate the way my myeloma is waiting in the wings to respond when I'm not getting treatment.

However, it looks as if I might even make cycle 6- I'm at Haematology clinic on Thursday and will find out more about the course of my treatment. Meantime- off to sit with my leg up( as commanded by E.

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Alaster said...

Hang in there Stewart,

I'm on my 23rd cycle of Revlimid. It brought my Meloma down to undetectable months ago but I continue to take it prophylactically and the Myeloma remains undetecable. My advice - if Revlimid works for you don't stop taking it! You will make it. When I was first diagnosed the average was 3 years survival rate. I have learned that many people with Myeloma live well beyond that if they take care of themselves. I'm working on my 4th year now. I too had a rd inserted the full length of my left femur. I had it removed this year and a full hip replacement. Take it day by day and enjoy your life.