Thursday, 2 August 2007

Mid cycle review

Was at Haematology clinic for mid cycle review. In short- feeling remarkably well though did decide not to risk my leg on the Reaper( the Fifie sailing boat) as planned- want to be sure it recovers properly from the infection. Also I seem to have another wee problem and one which - despite my openness and the indignities of hospital treatment in the past few years - I found difficult to speak to Maureen - my research nurse-about. Lets put it this way- the herpes virus has appeared again and it isn't in the form of shingles on my back but on other bits of my anatomy! But again a sign my immune system is a bit low though my bloods today were actually pretty good for mid cycle- and I knew they would be good given how well I''m feeling. I'll hear at the beginning of the week which way my paraprotein has decided to go this time. But its clear that I will also now be going on to cycle 6- an achievement of some import given my history!

Meant to say as well that at the diabetes clinic I've been asked to lower my insulin intake as my blood sugars have apparently been lower than they want- and I'm now taking much less than when I started. Interesting- wonder what's happening here.

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