Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Not so good news, good news and really good news

Just heard that my paraprotein is now up to 12. So despite being on the Lenalidomide- the paraprotein is continuing to rise. Not completely unexpected and the thinking is that since I'm at cycle 5 I should now continue to have cycle 6- the last cycle determined by the trial. But suspect it won't do much to reverse the upward trend which- as they say medically is a bit of a bugger. What my wife and I have been doing in any case this week is reviewing the past three years and in short its fair to say that without all the various treatments I've had I wouldn't be here. ( have a look at www.asquithmedical.co.uk to see the various ways m,yeloma has hit me and what treatment responses have been). I've also been quite fortunate in the sense that my myeloma has left me quite able to get on with other things though there have been spells where its been a bit difficult - but on the scale of things and in comparison with fellow patients my quality of life over the past few years has been pretty good. Interestingly some of my issues to deal with have been brought on by my treatment not by the myeloma. For example- I'm now insulin dependent- probably as a result of the dexamethasone( steroids) kicking me over the line. I've also a problem in my jaw which may be a result of the zometa( my bone support drug). However, the fact that I'm still here is of course a major achievement. If the lenalidomide fails to stop any further increase I already know what my next treatment attempt will be so we'll wait and see whether that materialises. But I also know I'm running out of options. And I just bought a new ladder yesterday! ( orthopaedic surgeon faints in shock!).

E is also back at the doctor as the cellulitis in her arm( where her lymph nodes were removed) hasn't cleared up completely. She wonders- as in the past- she might need some heavy duty IV antibiotics to get rid of the low lying infection that seems to be hanging around.

The good news is that having missed my trip on Reaper - the old Fifie fishing boat- I was contacted by the Museum folks to say there was another trip I could go on if I'm up to it. So hope to be sailing from Anstruther to Arbroath for the Arboath sea fest.

The really good news is that having lagged my solar pipe runs twice now- losing much less heat from the solar panels and haven't had our gas heating on for about two weeks now except for a boost one grey morning. We are even getting a rebate cheque of £250 from the electricity board! Fully expect our gas bills to be going down as well. And yes- the new ladder is to get me up on to the roof more easily and more safely ( orthopaedic surgeon faints again!)

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