Thursday, 9 August 2007

Diabetic changes?

As some of you know I'm also insulin dependent and we think the diabetes was brought on by the amount of dexamethasone ( steroids) I've had during my various chemotherapies. When I went to the diabetic clinic a couple of weeks ago they suggested they'd like me to keep my blood sugars a bit higher than I've been doing as I seem to have been running too low. I've been reducing my insulin as suggested but still finding my blood sugars too low so wonder if I'm beginning to come out of the diabetes. Whereas I was taking 23/24 units of Novomix in the morning I'm now down to 16 ( and 6 in the evening instead of the usual 11 or so)and still find my BMs at a level lower than they want. If anyone has any thoughts or experience of coming out of a drug induced form of diabetes ( if ineed that's right) I'd welcome any info.

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