Friday, 24 August 2007

Last post

Just occurred to me that heading this " Last Post" suggests ( maybe to those more militarily minded) something more serious than I intended! All I meant was- this is to be the last post in the blog. Reason for that is that clearly I'm off the lenalidomide trial now but also I'm about to enter a spell where I'll probable feel quite well for a while until the time comes for more treatment. For the past two years or so I've been through about 5 different types of therapies- CVADD, stem cell transplant, thalidomide, Velcade, Zdex and the lenalidomide. I've also had surgery twice to insert plates/pins, surgery to remove my gall bladder, broken arm, had some meaningful clots and PEs and then became diabetic. All of a sudden I have no treatment and no surgery ahead of me. I'm now not even having to inject insulin!And as many of us know its often the treatment that makes us myeloma folks feel ill. So I'm hoping even for a short time to feel pretty good and would like to get myeloma" out of my head" as much as I can for this short spell- even taken on a new job contract. So would like to let the blog go as part of all that. The truth is I'm also running out of jokes so I'd better quit when I'm ahead!

How to sum up the lenalidomide trial? Better and more manageable than I thought though as usual the dexamethasone ( steroids) had their usual debilitating effect on me for a couple of days each cycle- these were high doses and its reassuring to hear that all people involved( at least that I know of) in the study had their dex dose reduced. I was also able to pretty much do things like build my solar panels( did I ever tell you about that!!) so my lenalidomide experience was in some respects better than other therapies which meant I was unable to do as much. Disappointed of course that after an initial amazing reduction in my paraprotein it climbed again and we'll need to see how quickly it continues to do so. But in general not a bad experience.

I think I'm beginning to regress now and I'm off to go camping- which I haven't done for a long time but have promised not to climb trees. ( NOPE-A CHANGE OF PLAN- GOING ON THE REAPER AFTER ALL. SEE HER AT WWW.THEREAPER.CO.UK ) For those who do keep in touch through the blog and want to continue doing so- just use my email address of

Hope all goes well for those who had reason to read the blog.

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