Monday, 23 July 2007

Legs, jaws and The Fairy Mountain

Thanks to to Don and Sandi for good wishes. And for Sandi- by all accounts the second cycle on full steroid dose is the worst- certainly was for me and others so your dad is maybe going through a normal phase I hope and trust he'll pick up as the steroid dose reduces. Sure he will.

We are now in the Scottish highlands after a heavy end of the week and concern we might not get away. Good news is that I may not have osteonecrosis of the jaw and just a watching brief for now. But I was also at the diabetic clinic the same day and asked them to look at a my left leg which had become pretty swollen and tender- you- fears of a clot so sent for an ultrasound but no clot in sight. Called into my haematology ward next morning and suspected infection in my leg( the one with the pin in it) so given anti biotics to take on holiday with me and with alert that I should get in touch if no improvement etc as they didn't want the cost of a helicopter flight! Fortunately - seems to have been an infection and the anti-biotics did the trick. All appears resolved though I have to discuss with the orthopaedics as this seems to be a recurring feature of my tin leg- as they warned me it might be. But all well. Back on the steroids and usual raised blood sugars but again well controlled and I feel OK.

What is helping is that we are staying in a place overlooking Loch Rannoch and also Schiehallion- the Fairy Mountain. Maybe good vibes from the residents there!

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