Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Time for a think

Well my paraprotein is up again and this despite the 5 cycles I managed on the lenalidomide. Now up to 13 and does seem to repeat the history of my other 4 or 5 chemo regimes- successful to begin with but then the myeloma fights back/adjusts and the paraprotein count rises. One concern of course is that on relatively low paraprotein levels ( e.g. my paraprotein was 47 when first dignosed so 13 is quite low) I still have had quite a few bone issues and lesions( you'll recall I've had a broken arm and have lesions in my arms, legs, pelvis, skull and vertebrae with prophylactic pins/plates inserted in my keft tibia and left elbow). So when I ask the doc what the prognosis is then the answer is a very clear " don't really know" other than in general terms- maybe some more bone damage as the myeloma progresses and maybe more susceptible to/difficult to fight off infections.

The odd thing about this myeloma business as many of you will know is that I feel remarkably well just now on the scale of things and know that folks think I look well- so how can this man have an incurable cancer! You'll also know of one of my principles about myeloma- that there is nothing more certain about it than the uncertainty. You never know what is going to happen next week health wise! Bit like supporting Brechin City! But it is quite odd to be speaking about making arrangements for when I'm not here or how best to use the healthy time left when I feel healthier than some of my friends. But I'll have a break from treatment just now till we see what rate the myeloma progresses at and indeed see what options I might have left treatment wise- bear in mind I've had a stem cell transplant and about 5 or 6 different chemo regimes all lasting at least 4 cycles. Bit tiring.

The complicating factor for decision making just now is that Elspeth is still suffering from lymphodaema /cellulitis and is having her arm bandaged two days a week. She has also decided to stop working for a while- partly because of my situation and partly because of the need for her t0 deal with the cellulitis properly and get herself healthy again.

Phew- I'm away for a lie doon!

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