Monday, 28 April 2008

Starting Blog again

Hi All
After a spell of no treatment after the Lenalidomide trial I've decided to start my blog again. I'm now back on new treatment and though not the Lenalidomide I thought you might like to hear about my post lenalidomide experiences and musings. Or not!

I had about 6 months of no treatment and enjoyed that though the myeloma did as well and my paraprotein is now at 28 and I've had more bone issues to deal with involving numbness in my nether regions. I'm now on melphalan, thalidomide and prednisolone as we try to find new means of keeping me here. It was my 60 th birthday on 1st April( yes April Fool's day explains a lot!)and as you know at one time thought I wouldn't make it. But I've now qualified for my winter fuel allowance and intend to make full use of it ( see how low my ambitions are !) The day of my birthday party was a wee bit scary as I had to go in for an immediate scan amidst fears of spinal chord compressions from the myeloma- fortunately the scan showed no spinal chord compression but there is myeloma damage to my sacrum and this was affecting the nerves in that area. Resolved for now by steroids and then back on to the new chemo regime.

I'm also currently on dexamethasone ( steroids) as well as the prednisolone(steroids) and you all know I think of how they affect me- blogs written at 3 in the morning for example! I've also been thrown back by the steroids into being insulin dependent diabetic and having a bit of trouble getting doses right because of the amount and different steroids taken.
More later.

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Don said...

You're back! I'm glad to hear from you, Stewart.

But I'm sorry to hear of the reasons for your new treatment regimen. Wow - dex AND prednisone. Ouch.