Monday, 16 July 2007

Pipes and pipes

Waiting to hear if I'll stay on the trial or not. Interestingly- mixed feelings but I trust the team at WGH enough to run with whatever decision they/we make.

Meantime leaking solar pipes now fixed and all up and running except for one thing- no sun!! Also, now have my electronic (bag)pipes so I can pick up playing the old tunes again. As soon as I got them this morning I was playing them- amazing( isn't it, Grace(a joke?)) how the tunes can stay in your fingers but if you asked me to write the music or whistle a tune I probably couldn't do it. First tune I had a go at was " Invisible Dram" ( dram being Scots for a measure of whisky)- I wrote this tune for Elspeth's dad- every year we gave him a bottle of whisky for his xmas but we never saw any of it!! Hence the Invisible Dram!


Lorraine said...

Hi Stewart, have just updated myself with your recent blog(s). When faced with such a difficult time your positive outlook is inspiring! Don't give up blogging!
ps. how's Elspeth's wormery coming along? all that sunshine on sunday should have your solar pipes toasting!!

margaret said...

Your story is interesting to me Stewart as I wait for the chance to take part in a Revlimid trial here in Australia. I was stuck by your comment that uncertainity is the only certainty about this business of living with myeloma.
Yes and again yes.