Monday, 2 July 2007

White counts/neutrophils etc

Just had bloods done at hospital and it appears I'm neutropenic by quite a bit- my neutrophils are .7 I think normal starts at about about 2 and I often - even at my best- run at about 1.2) I usually have low white counts etc but .7 for neutrophils is low even by my standards. The protocols of the study suggest that if neutropenic then the dose of lenalidomide has to be reduced. Problem with that is that once reduced it can't be increased again. I have until Thursday for an improvement in the neutrophil level so that I can continue as planned in the trial. But remember my warning right at the outset of this trial- I've never completed 5 cycles of any drug/chemotherapy I've been on. Beginning to suspect that pattern may well happen on the lenalidomide trial as well!

I also had a paraprotein done this morning so we'll see in a couple of days whether the unfortunate trend is still on the way up.

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Don said...


I hope that Revlimid continues to work for you.

You probably know this, but a recent study showed that low-dose dex with Revlimid produced much better results than high-dose dex. ECOG.

Good luck!