Friday, 13 July 2007


News today- would you believe that my paraprotein is back down to 9 from 11. So with the treatment it was going up and after withdrawing from the trial its gone down again. Roller coaster time again. So issue is- does this merit staying on the trial? Will I be allowed to in terms of trial protocols? I think I did say the most annoying thing about myeloma is the uncertainty it introduces into life. I've had to accomodate this by realising that the most certain thing about myeloma is the uncertainty! I'll find out on Monday what plan of action is to be and meantime will go and lie down in a dark room and recover my energies!

But the really important news is that my solar panel is working well- the collector reached 74 degrees yesetrday and the hot water cylinder went up to 64 degrees. And all this for no cost ( I'm a Scot!). Next plan of action is to get back to playing pipe music- I gave up when my left arm was plated- too much pressure on a vulnerable elbow. But I'll buy eletronic pipes again( in fact they were ordered two hours ago).

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