Wednesday, 18 July 2007

5th Cycle here I come

Well it looks as if after all I'll make the 5th cycle of the trial- an unusual occurrence for me to get to the 5th cycle of any treatment. I'll start the cycle on Thursday and then Friday we are going away for a wee holiday. I'm to have my bloods done on Thursday to ensure I'm OK for the cycle but I know by how I feel ( remarkably well apart from recovering from a maybe broken rib) that there won't be a problem.

Thursday proving to be an eventful day- Cycle 5 process starts; followed by Diabetes clinic ; followed by Maxillo facial guys in the afternoon. I'll need a holiday!


Don said...

Go Stewart! More power to you.

sandi said...

Thats brilliant news! enjoy your holiday too, you deserve it!
My Dad has just started his 2nd cycle of Rev (he is on a 15mg dose though) fingers crossed he feels as good as you do soon. Sandi x