Thursday, 5 July 2007

Three months on- the wife's tale part 2.

Yesterday's news that Stewart's paraprotein is headed in the wrong direction was not only disappointing but, to be honest, a bit of a shock. He has been so well over this last cycle! Indeed, aside from fatigue and a few blips, he has ridden out the three cycles he has had since I last gave a view for the sidelines pretty well and achieved a great deal too. Since selling the hall flooring while I was out (see 2 April entry), he has rewired and redecorated said hall, put in piping for and installed a bigger solar panel, been to France, advanced plans for the research centre on rural childhood, got a piece on myeloma in the national paper to do his bit for myeloma awareness week and had a couple of weekends away. Seeing him on the roof yesterday morning totally engrossed in fitting the first tube on the solar panel frame was a special moment for me. I didn't know the latest paraprotein result then but did think that I have Revlimid ( and Huw and the team at WGH)to thank for that moment (not to mention cheap green hot water in the future). And then there is the wormery Stewart got me ..... not perhaps the most romantic present but he got so much pleasure from anticipating its arrival and my reaction. So, whatever happens on the next leg of the journey, we will look back on some pretty good and fulfilling times on this stretch of the road.

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Hazel said...

Hi Elspeth, I am keeping a check on Stewart's progress daily thanks to the blog and its great to know how he is doing...but the real reason for my posting is just to send you a virtual hug to help maintain your strength. You truly are a star!

Hazel, Davy, Jordan and Kendra