Sunday, 8 July 2007

Post Clinic Thoughts

Elspeth and I have now had a think about life and the universe after the news at the clinic last week and the main important conclusion we've come to is that we might in fact buy a twin coil solar cylinder to boost our solar system!.
In terms of other issues- particularly leaving the drug trial and my rising paraprotein, we'll do as we also do- concentrate on making sure we make the most of what time we have now- both personally and also in terms of keeping some work going. I'll find out in a months time just how fast the myeloma is progressing and we can make a better decision then with the WGH team about what options remain. So we'll wait til then and focus on other things for now. I do of course think over the future etc and what might be..... but I've never let the myeloma stop me doing things. As I've said all along- my TMTMTM principle ( There's More To Me Than Myeloma) has helped me put it aside when I want to get on with other things- it gets put in my diary as a separate item.

So......... delighted to tell you that I have in fact been able to get an invitation to be a guest on a sailing of the Reaper at the time of the Pittenweem Festival in August and looking forward to it immensely. See Reaper in the foto. Also possibility of a wee holiday in Norway ( a country and people we like very much) later in the month depending on how things go at next clinic.


Don said...


In the meantime, I might suggest that you look into some alternative therapies, if you haven't already. They tend to be inexpensive, and there are anecdotal cases where they did some good. I'm SO far behind your situation, but I'm trying one myself (curcumin in high doses), to see if I can hold off the myeloma and the really rough treatments longer than I might otherwise.

Three places to start, if you're interested:

(1) Low-dose naltrexone (LDN. According to that web site, some people have achieved remission.

(2) Curcumin. A chief advocate is Margaret, who is apparently having some success with it. I know another person for whom it did not work. MD Anderson in Houston is actually doing a phase II study on it right now.

(3) Beating Myeloma is a web site dedicated to alternative therapies.

Blessings to you and Elspeth.


Don said...

By the way, I sure envy you that chance to crew on the Reaper!