Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Spot check and a rash decision

Had a spot check on the rash I have. The bad news is that the spots I have from the lenalidomide ( we think) are more extensive than even yesterday but since tonight is my last of the 21 days followed by what is now a two week drug free spell, I hope they will vanish by the time I start ( or should) start cycle 4. I would normally have a week drug free but since we are to be on holiday this is now two weeks. You'll gather the good news is that we are going on holiday on Saturday and I'm looking forward to the TGV as much as the holiday ( boys and their toys according to Ward 5 nurses!).

The really good news is that my paraprotein has dropped again to 5 so in 2.5 months it has dropped from 20 down to 5- a pretty good result and explains why I don't want to be booted off the drug trial.

Also been at the WGH Dentist today who is keeping an eye on this tooth issue- still got a bit of exposed bone and also a tender bit where the bone underneath the gum is pushing against the skin. But general optimisim its just a slow healing issue and not a case of osteonecrosis. Speaking of which there is a new set of protocols for the use of bisphosphanates from the Mayo Clinic- a useful article and one you can see at-

On another medical front, you will know I'm permanently on warfarin and also that I am difficult to get blood from. I've explored the use of INR monitors ( bit like blood sugar monitors) and discussed with my health practice. Upshot is that they are to buy a monitor so that they can take INR readings from difficult folks like me just from a finger drop of blood and also without sending it away to a lab. The result is also immediate so warfarin dosage can be sorted out there and then. Seems to me to be the way to go and surely must be more cost effective than the current system which involves me going in to the practice to give blood, the nurses struggling to get blood from me, the blood being sent for analysis, me calling in later for the result, a doctor having to read my file etc. Surely a great saving in time, money and frustration!

Right , getting ready for France.
A bientot.

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