Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Radio silence

Apologies for the wee period of radio silence. As I said I wasn't feeling too well last week and had to cancel a couple of things. My steroid dose was reduced again and the benefit is that I feel much better just now. Also means that I have time to fully recover from this cycle before we go on holiday to France on Saturday morning. I'm assuming we are going though I'm going in for a once over to the Western tomorrow morning to make sure all is OK.

My usual strategy when I don't feel too good is to do some physical work and this weekend Chris my son and I replaced the old lead water tank in our house for a super duper plastic one. Don't let anyone convince you that taking out a lead water tank is an easy job! Very heavy.

And when we come back from France my plan is to install a DIY solar panel kit which arrived yesterday. So whatever else, the drug trial hasn't stopped me doing things. My fear with myeloma has always been that it would stop me doing manual work which I like doing- its also the Scot in me- £900 for a diy solar panel kit is a lot cheaper than £3000 for a basic kit professionally installed!

No idea if my paraprotein has dropped any more yet and it may be that we take a reading tomorrow. One concern at the back of my mind is that in all the four different chemotherapies I've had I've never made it to the 5th cycle. I'm beginning to wonder with the recent reaction to the Lenalidomide ( lots of spots) whether I'll make the 5th in this drug trial. We'll see.

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