Friday, 4 May 2007

Counts- diabetic and political, and hornygollochs!!

Counts- diabetic. As usual despite giving myself almost 10 more insulin units my blood sugars have gone up to 20 since I took my dexamethasone(steroids) at 7.30am (when they were 7.6). Pretty dramatic effect and I always know when my counts go up as my vision begins to get fuzzy a bit till the insulin kicks in.

Counts- political. Also a dramatic result with the SNP gaining more seats than any other party though we don't yet know how that translates into government. Could be that the Scottish Nationalits have more seats but can't form a government if they can't persuade others into a coalition. So maybe they've had the negative effect of high counts as well- hope they don't have a political steroid crash. And yes- to "come out" - I voted SNP. And why was it spoiled a bit by such a disaster in the voting process. Donald Dewar the father of Scottish devolutuion once said that devolution was a process, not an event. He must be turning in his grave at last night's embarassing debacle or "burach*" as Brian Taylor the BBC Scotland political editor called it using the more descriptive Gaelic word.

* PS there are some Scottish words I love to say- so satisfying in their expression. One of my other favourites from younger days in Angus was "hornygolloch" for the forkietail insect with lots of legs- I can never remember which. Maybe I'll write the next post in the Scots I used as a child- I've always claimed that at base level English is my second language- ever since the day I was belted at school for using "kirk" instead of "church". (Goodness where did that long held grudge come from!!) Seeing a hornygolloch almost qualifies as an atom of delight because you can use the word!

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Eliza said...

Hornygolloch or forkietail - is an earwig.... :)