Wednesday, 16 May 2007

In a spot?

Bit of a problem- I've come out in spots! Over my arms, body and legs. This actually happened at the corresponding stage of my last cycle but we put it down to a possible reaction to antibiotics. But I'm not on antibiotics this time and the spots are more pervasive than the last time- any suggestions in a brown paper envelope please!!

It also puts me in a spot as I'm meant to be giving the patient experience to a group of MAGIC ( Myeloma Advice and Guidance in the Community) Nurses in Glasgow on Friday. Fortunately I have a hospital appointment tomorrow so we can explore it there. In terms of going to speak to the MAGIC Nurses I did wonder how many would stay in the room when I went in. According to the nurses at Ward 5 at the WGH they all try to go for coffee when I come in!! ( they all know how difficult I am to canulate).

In general though I have to say that I am getting a bit tired and it does appear to be taking longer for me to get over the effects of the steroids than previously. It may also of course be the case that the lenalidomide is making me tired as fatigue is of course one of the side effects. So- always difficult to separate out the effects of the lenalidomide, steroids and my diabetes.

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