Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Well we made it- we are now in the South of France having travelled on the TGV and also having already been to the Millau bridge. TGV a bit disappointing as we seemed to be on an older one- bit threadbare carpets etc. A trick to get a seat on the TGV- make your spots obvious!!(though they are now disappearring). The Millau Bridge is stunning- a real mixture of function and design and well worth the visit.

We are in a small sea side town about 30 km from Montpellier- lovely place and suits us better than Montpellier itself.

So again- for you lenalidomide takers- whatever else it does to you it needn't stop you getting out and about. On my return my next job is to install our solar panel kit at a great saving from a professional installation.

If anyone from Celgene reads this- what is the reaction to the lenalidomide symptomatic of?

a bientot

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