Thursday, 17 May 2007

MAGIC apology

Apologies to the MAGIC nurses I was meant to be speaking to tomorrow. Been at hospital today and decision made that its probably best if I don't come along to the MAGIC day in Glasgow. Number of reasons- one is I have spots! Spots are probably ( we think) associated with the lenalidomide and apparently if they cover ( which they don't yet) 50% of my body I could be withdrawn from the drug trial. I'm also still very tired and decision also made to down my dosage of dexamethasone again. I was a bit concerned that I was being a real failure on the trial but apparently the heavy regime of steroids is hitting a number of folks. Some of my bloods are a bit lowish -and again if they drop any lower then I might need to stop taking the lenalidomide at least temporarily until I recover ( maybe with the aid of GCSF)

Add to this that I've been having chest pains and my 14 year old dog is walking up hills quicker than I am - suggestion I go back to using a GTN spray. I had an angiogram in December and suggestion then was that I didn't have angina but maybe heart issues were to do with so much chemo and other treatments. Seems again ( after a clear ECG this morning) that same kind of symptoms are back- though we know one of the side effects of lenalidomide is that it can go for the heart a wee bit. So all in all- quite a full day. But we are still going on holiday next week!!

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