Monday, 7 May 2007

Down again, cars and transplants(+ John Martin)

Got my latest paraprotein count and its down again- just down to 6 from 7 but remember the first cycle dropped it dramatically from 20 to 7 so in total so fater two cycles on the lenlidomide that's me down from 20 - 6. Pretty good going. As we all know this isn't a cure but it will hopefully be buying more survival time. All very positive. Be interesting to see whether ( and in which direction) the recent reduction from three four day blocks down to two four day block on dexamethasone will have an effect. Some studies are showing a very positive effect of the lenalidomide with a lesser rather than bigger dose of steroids.

On Wednesday I also get my motability car. You'll recall that my main problems are all down my left side- plate in my left elbow; pin through my tibia and now a bit of concern about another lesion in my left arm. The changing of the clutch and the changing of gears a wee bit problematic so moving to an automatic car will help considerably I hope.

The big event is that on May 12th at 2 pm it will be three years since my stem cell transplant at the WGH. Given that I thought I might not be here on my birthday ( 1st April) this is major event for me and also time again to acknowledge the role played by everyone in my survival- what is clear about myeloma is that treatment is a real team effort with all playing what I think an equal role- the nurses giving me my treatment and struggling to canulate me through four chemotherapy regimes; Liz my transplant coordinator holding it all together on a regular basis and even now becoming a Brechin City supporter; Maureen taking me through the Myeloma IX study and now the Lenalidomide trial; Huw my consultant always there when needed and maiking the key decisions about where we go next; the regular and comforting contact with Brenda the Ward doctor; the care from Helen the WGH dentist who has a special awareness of the myeloma issues and works in close contact with the haematology team; Mr Porter the orthopaedic consultant at the Royal who has seen to my successful plating and pinning surgery; Dr Yuille who organised and monitors my radiatotherapy need etc.; the diabetic clinic who also keep in contact with haematology. Add to this the help from my Health Practice who are kept in close touch with the hospital and now the link with Barbara at the Marie Curie hospice.

This is quite a list of individuals and I have always felt that there has been joined up working. They will I hope forgive my gentle harassment when I want to know what's happening and what's next on my agenda. But in short I owe them a big thanks and without them Brechin City might by now have lost a sizeable proportion of its support!!

+ John Martin- steroid induced insomnia last night but listened to a programme about John - had forgotten what great songs Sold Air ( really 30 years old) and May You Never are.

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Mark Small said...

Nice to hear you have such a competent support group; there are so many who, for whatever reasons, go through this without the necessary social support.

The support group, along with soon to be Scottish independence, should keep you strong for a while!:)