Thursday, 3 May 2007

Clinic and cycle 3

Down at Ward 5 today for my IGG infusion. Despite the difficulties the nurses generally have canulating me, Tracy ( pretty much as usual) managed first time! But she is going off on maternity leave- how could she!! Decision made though that I can stop IGG infusions ( and resume them as needs be) and won't be going back on the zometa ( bone support drug) just yet. And when I do go back on it it will probably be a pill equivalent rather than continue infusions. So no more canulas needed for my treatment- thank goodness.

At clinic in the afternoon and again I will be having less steroids in cycle 3- one "pulse" less ( i.e. one block of four days less). Keen to see what my paraprotein is as it was tested today though takes a couple of days for the result to come through and since its a bank holiday weekend I will have to wait till Tuesday. Hopefully its gone down again.

One of my friends- who was at the xmas lunch last week is now also going on the lenalidomide trial- be interesting to compare notes and I might get hime ( Fred) to write a bit in the blog.

So cycle 3 starts tomorrow with the steroids and having felt so well over the past week or so with no drugs its quite a thought to start again- but made easier in the knowledge I have less steroids to take.

As you know I also have to take warfarin for the rest of my life and just as I'm difficult to canulate I'm also quite difficult to get blood for my INR - the test which determines warfarin dosage. So I've been exploring again ( I did this last year) the possibility of buying an INR blood monitor- works on the same principle as a blood sugar monitor- just needs a drop of blood rather than ( as Han cock would say) an armful for lab testing. Checked with folks at WGH about its acceptability and also discussing with my GP as my practice would need to support me. But the idea of just calling in with a result rather than having to go to give blood; having to go through the difficulty of giving blood, waiting for the result; calling in for the result and involving both doctor and nurses really quite appeals. Unfortunately whereas my blood sugar monitors cost about £12, INR monitors cost about £350 just now. Mmmm. You can see more about the INR monitors at

The big issue tonight thopugh is whether we will wake up in Scotland with the SNP in power and Alexd

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