Tuesday, 26 June 2007

What's happening here? Boats and Tractors

Not sure what's happening here- still taking the lenalidomide( finishes in a couple of days) but feel very well( usual tiredness) and no rash appearred. By this stage the last two cycles I was covered in a pretty serious rash. Its odd the things that come into your head- maybe its just talcum powder in the lenalidomide capsules! Maybe they've put in too weak a mixture. Whatever the reason, this seems a different experience from earlier cycles. The fact that my steroid dose was reduced may also be something to do with it.

I also now have an idea of my survival timescale- which I'll keep to myself just now. Its not really any different from what we were expecting- but it certainly concentrates the mind. The fact is- without the medics and the availability of recent drugs I wouldn't be here so anything else really is a great bonus.

I think you know I like tractors ( see earlier post about Dougie McLean's song Strathmore starting with the sound of a Ferguson tractor). Elspeth bought me a book on classic tractors so if you want to know about the 1900 Drutchke, the "Canadian" or about cable pull systems I'm your man. Great reading though. I've also been reading about Harry Ferguson- the man who built ( surprisingly) the Ferguson tractor and also the three way linkage system which revolutionised the attachment of implements. Part of his plan was not just to make money but also to provide third world countries with a cheap effective tractor to help address poverty through more effective farming.

As well as old tractors I also like old boats (maybe the liking of old things reflects advancing age!) and am treating myself to a weekend at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival at Portsoy on the north coast of Aberdeenshire. Looks like a great weekend- www.scottishtraditionalboatfestival.co.uk

Can't finish my solar panels as I'm still waiting on a bit from the supplier. Mmmmm- missing all that solar energy.

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