Thursday, 7 June 2007

4th Cycle and no cycle

Now starting the 4th cycle of the lenalidomide trial so the usual round of steroid stuff the next few days. After having had no drugs at all over the past two weeks I've been feeling extremely well and getting stuck into a number of things. My big aim is to make it to the 5th cycle and complete it- something I've never done before and that's my next aim.

I've also decided its maybe time to start thinking about not risking cycling too much. The pin in my leg has certainly given me some things to think about and the overnighter in hospital on Sunday night for a possible clot ( which it wasn't) has made it clear that I may be putting myself under too much strain with cycling or even walking too much( we did a lot on holiday). So the bike is being given up for now.

To complete the family medical history- our dog is in having exploratory tests at the vets with a bit of a problem. He is after all a 14 years old spaniel but looks and acts about 4 years old. I might slip him some dexamethasone to see if that can gee him up.

Solar panels this weekend.

WE've now had 1076 unique visits to this blog from about 30 countries around the world.

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sandi said...

Hi Stewart,
Great to read your blog, my Dad is about to start on Rev in the next week or two. I intend to print it out for him to read as I think you are very inspirational.

Keep up the great work.
Sandi Wood