Saturday, 16 June 2007

Something in the water?

Couple of days ago we were told our dog has a malignant tumour in his throat- must be something in the water at our house. He's been coughing a lot and also his bark is getting deeper. The diagnosis really just confirmed what my wife and I suspected. Like many spaniels he's had a fair share of ill health and we were in fact quite surprised he made it to 14 given that he's had pancreatitis a couple of times. So holidays next few weeks etc will mean not going too far away and taking him with us as we need to track what his progress is.

I'm going through my usual bout of post steroid dip- very tired and now got the usual mucositis in my mouth and throat- but it will pass. Going to bed about 9 pm and sleeping through till 7- pretty unusual for me. Unfortunately- you know I'm being monitored for osteonecrosis( bone issues) in the jaw- I now have bone coming through my gum. I see the WGH dentist on Tuesday so we'll get an update on what's happening in that neck of the woods.

Main disappointment is my roofer couldn't come on Friday so I can't complete the pipe run on my solar panels! But he'll be here on Monday ( fingers crossed) so hope to have it up and working by the summer solstice.

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