Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Atoms, panels, clinics and cycles

Important things first. As you know- I enjoy atoms of delight- events which have an immediate and pleasurable impact without the need for words or explanation. On Sunday I had not so much an atom of delight as a near nuclear power station. Watched Cardiff singer of the year and felt I'd been involved in something truly special when I hear the voice of the 23 year old singer from China. If you have a replay facility on your telly- have a listen! What a remarkable voice.

Solar panel system almost completed now but waiting on a bit from my suppliers so in about a week or so I should ( fingers crossed) have a solar panel system up and running for just over a £1000. Not bad- all we need now is the sun! I also got myself into a surreal position yesterday ( I was feeling a bit fed up with various bits of news) where I wondered if on the days I get very tired ( like this week) I could actually plug myself into a solar powered immune refreshing system just to keep me going. I'll have a word with Huw my consultant.

I collect clinics!! One feature of myeloma is how many bits of your body it can attack/involve in so many different ways. The latest is a referral ( Hi Helen) to a maxillo facial consultant as there is more of a suggestion now that I might indeed have osteonecrosis in my jaw though still not 100% sure yet- hence the referral to my 7th clinic. If anybody else collects clinics and if you have any doubles and want to swap one of them -just let me know.

Will I make my 5th cycle! As you know I've never completed a 5th cycle of treatment and as my paraprotein had gone up at end of the last cycle I wonder if we'll make it this time. Maureen, Huw and all the others involved are adamant though that they'll do what they can just to let me day I've had 5 cycles of at least one form of treatment. You should also know I've actually sold my cycle!- yup, cycling days are over.

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