Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Did you know.......?

For other myeloma folks. Did you know-

that you might be eligible for care and mobility allowances? ( I get them)
that because of above you might be eligible for a motability car? Even if you can't drive, a mobility car could be acquired for your carer. (Because of my left side plates/pins problem I have one with automatic gearing etc?)
that you might be eiligible for a blue badge- again even for your driver/carer
that you might be eligible for a bus pass? I am and have one
that you might be eligible for a rail pass. I am and have one
that you can maybe drawn down a private pension as a lump sum now rather than have to wait until you're no longer here. Spend it now I say and bugger the kids!! I'm trying to do this.

And while we are on the topic, we've decided that Elspeth my wife should have Power of Attorney over me should something happens that means I can't make decisions myself. The joke around our friends and family is that the Power of Attiorney means Elspeth can make decisions about all aspects of my life-just as she's been doing for years!! BUt seriously I don't want my survivors to be in a position of dealing with the medics etc not knowing my wishes over what kind of treatment I'm prepared to tolerate etc

Just a thought.

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