Sunday, 3 June 2007

We're back! "Auld claes and porridge"

Back from the South of France and we had the pleasure of a much better TGV so its gone up again in my estimation. Joutnery from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Montpellier took 4 hrs 50 minutes- a very fast journey. Journey from Montpellier to Paris CDG took just four hrs and 3 minutes- a very, very fast journey! Compare that with a delayed flight from Paris CDG to London and then from London to Edinburgh which took us in total about 6 hours! But a great holiday and well chosen week when I had no lenalidomide to take and none of the dreaded dexamethasone.

As we say here- back to " auld claes and porridge" as we settle into ordinary Edinburgh things though my solar panels will be attacked some time this week as I try to install them.

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