Saturday, 23 June 2007

Mid cycle review

From the 4th cycle on there is in fact no mid cycle review in the trial. That is, no blood checks etc- the assumption being I suppose that by this stage any serious issues would have been thrown up. So this mid cycle review s just me!

Oddly, though I've had the usual slump after coming off steroids it hasn't been as severe as it was on the first few cycles. I'm tired but gently so- not the dramatic exhaustion I was hit with previously. As I've also said earlier, the rash hasn't appeared and it had done so by this time the last two cycles. So in general I feel better than I did on the earlier cycles and not so much affected by the lenalidomide as previously. The main issue for me is of course what is happening to my paraprotein as it took an unfortunate up turn last time round. I'll need to wait till next clinic to see what's happening to it now. If it goes up again there will probably be an issue about whether I should/ or whether indeed its worthwhile me staying on the trial. If the lenalidomide has achieved all it can, then is there any point in carrying on with it. We'll see.

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BobinMd said...

I am starting my second week on revlimid and dex and found your blog today. What a great read. Keep it going, please. I am curious to know how many cycles of velcade you were able to take. I only did one, a year ago, but it really did the trick on my pasma cell count.