Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Todays' contribution to the saga and bus pass

Last week I had news that I have another lesion in my arm that may need to be dealt with- not enough bone! Today I've been to the hospital dentist and a wee bit of concern that a tooth I had out 6 weeks ago not healing as quickly as it should be- maybe too much bone growth! because of possibility of osteonecrosis linked in with my Zometa ( bone support drug). Only a possibility at this stage but having had only a couple hours sleep last night because of the steroids it does seem a bit never ending. Interesting again- its the left side of my body where all my other bone issues are.

The silver lining to my mobility issues is that I now have a free Scotland wide bus pass and have used it for the first time today- three times! One of my friends has just got one as he has turned 60 so we are planning to explore Scotland by bus!

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Jon said...

Cheers for this Stewart, its somewhat humbling to read of your challenges and it certainly puts the other mundane struggles of life into perspective. Good luck with everything.

ps if your bus takes you past Inchture a pitstop welcome is always available ;-)

Take care, Jon