Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Past history

To those of you intending to follow my blog (and many thanks to those who have already contacted me- that was quick!!)- it might be useful to have some more medical info about my myeloma journey and what went before my involvement in the Lenalidomide study. When I was still working I did a fair bit of travelling and with the help of my hospital created a website that could be useful to medical folks elsewhere when I was working- generally abroad. I can't travel quite as much just now ( understatement!) but have kept the site pretty much up to date out of habit. You can see it at . Just gives a bit more detail about how myeloma has gone for me. One thing you quickly learn from other myeloma patients is just how differently the condition expresses itself in different people.

Right - I'm off to worry the neighbours by cleaning my mountain bike in anticipation of getting back on it.

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