Friday, 23 March 2007

First Bloods and TGV

Had the first blood monitoring bit of the study yesterday and in short all is well. Won't have a paraprotein test done till next time but pleased at the way things are going. In fact, all seems good enough for my wife and I to now plan one of the things I have on my wish list- to travel by TGV to the South of France. So that is being organised now as I write! Looking forward to my fast train journey.

I missed the Myeloma UK 10th Anniversary event on Wednesday- I was being cavity wall insulated ( and I feel all the better for it!). Congratulations to all at Myeloma UK and many thanks from many of us who have depended on you.

You might also like to know the blog is being watched by folks from around the world- there is a little tracker right at the bottom of the front page- its public and by clicking on it you can see how many folks are watching/reading/where they're from etc.

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