Thursday, 8 March 2007

Start of the Trial

Today is my first day in the Lenalidomide( Revlimid) Trial. But even before I got to the point in the day where I actually began my involvement, it had been a bit eventful. As well as starting my Lenalidomide I've also had my monthly Zometa ( Bone support drug) and my IGG infusion to support my immune system. My main problem- as some of you already know - is that I'm very difficult to canulate and it took six attempts and three nurses before the canula was in. All the nurses involved are very good at canulating but having had so much chemotherapy my veins do present a real challenge even for them- enough for the suggestion to be made that I might need to think about having a Hickman line again. I really don't want another line- I've already had three and all were removed for infection reasons and so we'll need to explore other possibilities. I do feel though like a one man drain on NHS resources with so many nurses involved.

In terms of the Lenalidomide trial I now know that in each cycle I'll be taking the Lenalidomide every day for 21 days and will be taking high doses of dexamethasone ( steroids) on days 1-4; days 9-12; and days 17-20. My main concern is not so much with the Lenalidomide but with the steroids. I'm now diabetic ( since April of last year) and that can maybe be put down to the steroids I was taking last year tipping me over the edge ( diabetes does run in my family) and I'm now insulin dependent. So one issue for me to watch out for is the effect of the steroids on my blood sugar levels. An other concern is of course one that all myeloma patients know about- the need to stand beside an open fridge door to feed the ravenous appetite the steroids bring on. And because my past experience is one where I know I'll have bouts of high energy- this may explain why my wife has left out a flask of tea and a pile of ironing to see me through the night.

Right- I now declare this trial launched and I'm off to have my first lenalidomide pill.

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