Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Redressing the balance and TMTMTM

I'm conscious of maybe sounding a bit negative given the various hiccups of the past few days or so- given lesion and bone issues etc. I do though also need to point out that I'm still doing some work though conserving energies as usefully as I can; involved in a couple of exciting initiatives; and of course totally hooked on wee alternative energy projects. The fact I'm still here is in itself not a bad thing! As my wife and I agreed last night- whatever else is happening we actually have a very good quality of life. As you 'll know from my earlier pieces- my TMTMTM ( There's MoreTo Me Than Myeloma )principle is one that has been very useful in keeping a perspective on things and reminds me that I'm not just a myeloma patient. In many respects, my myeloma and my wife's own experience of cancer have given us opportunities for experiences we might never have had.

And if I can tolerate the rest of the revlimid trial as well as these first two weeks I'll be well pleased. Certainly seems more manageable ( though its early days) than when I was on the Thalidomide/Dexamethasone regime.

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