Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cycle, cycle and the length of string

Just coming to the end of my 3rd cycle and went in to WGH to have bloods done in advance of my going to clinic on Thursday(tomorrow) so that we know what is happening to my paraprotein level and so can make an informed decision about whether to continue or not on the PMT treatment. I have mixed feelings about but as it did appear to be doing a bit of good I'll reserve judgment. Great thing about my doctors at the WGH is that I'm part of the decisionmaking process as I would want to be and though I'm sure I pester them now and again with my questions it does mean I'm involved fully in my treatment. I prefer that to be the case and as I get further doiwn the treatment route the time may come when I/we have to decide that the extra treatment isn't worth it- balancing treatment against quality of life.

I also though took the chance to discuss a number of niggles I'm having just now and in short- I have an issue with one eye just now- can't focus properly and my eyelid seems to droop on occasion- noticeable to Elspeth. A number of possibilities being explored. One is that it may be shingles in my eye( so back on the aciclovir!). Second is that it could be a rare type of myeloma- CNS myeloma( but very very rare) or that the lesions in my skull have developed and the changes are impacting on certain nerves. So- x rays taken. Also, my leg with the tibia pin/nail in it is swelling more than usual- maybe an infection and possibility of it having to come out if a serious infection being discussed- so, x rays! Also bit of a new sore spot in my right arm ( the one where my wrist broke) and so- more xrays! After all the x rays I'm sure I have now started to glow in the dark and should be safe in the dark winter nights as traffic will see me! But a pretty heavy day yesterday not helped by the fact it took 11 goes to get blood from me- as a true Scot I don't give anything away easily.

Also took the chance to ask my favourite "how long is a piece of string"? question. I.E.- given all my treatment and where I am just now and given that its a pleasant surprise that I'm still here when I might not have been after earlier warnings- now long might I be expected to live. The answer as usual for myeloma is very clear and very certain- we don't know! Could be 6 months, a year or more. This is pretty typical of myeloma- the uncertainty of it , how it affects different people and how long survival rates. I intend to resist all predictions of my demise as I've done so far and adopt my usual response to timescales with my sophisticated medical philosophy of - " Bugger that!".

To add to the concerns of my family and neighbours, I've also got permission from my clinical oncologist to ride a bike again ( within limits). So at the end of the 3rd cycle I hope to be back on my own cycle with all the implications that has for the rising blood pressure levels of friends, family and neighbours!

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Don said...

Six months, a year, indeed bugger that!