Monday, 30 June 2008

Wee break, pipes and games

Just back from our wee break in Aberdeenshire in a cottage on a wee caravan site in Aberdeenshire. Lovely site by the sea, small site and with a whole host of animals around- ducks, goats, sheep, horse, hens etc all on the site and with lots of wildlife flying around as well, This included a group of 3 or 4 herons sitting sun bathing on the hill opposite. If interested have a look at The location also meant we could visit the east coast fishing villages and harbours at Gourdon, Johnshaven and Catterline( in Joan Eardley's footsteps).

Weather was great at the weekend and we did indeed make it to the Drumtochty games to see the traditional sports being played as they should be at a highland games day ( I've become a member of the grumpy old man club and don't like some of the "plastic" introductions at some games). Bit of a surprise when we met some of my family from the area and then to discover that three of them were playing in the piping competition. Day was complete when we left and on going through the exit gate saw a pretty characterful busker wearing his amplifier as a sporran on top of a well worn kilt.

The old body stood up pretty well though the tiredness from the thalidomide did creep in a bit and I knew I'd have to take it easy the next day but not a major problem- in fact we went to visit friends the Kinnears in nearby Edzell- Ian is a smallpipe maker - he made mine- and you can see examples of what I think is wonderful craftmanship at
( I'd better stop- this post is becoming more like an advert for Angus and Aberdeenshire businesses than a myeloma blog!)

So in short a good break despite the thalidomide etc. and whatever else is hapopening the thalidomide hasn't stopped doing other things this cycle in the way it did in the last two cycles. In fact, the suggestion is that if I have another cycle the dose might be doubled- we'll see. If you see anyone walking down the street asleep- it will be me on double dose thalidomide!

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