Friday, 11 July 2008

Clinic (or Clinique for Tour de France addicts like me)

End of third cycle and at clinic today. Bit mixed and usual myeloma uncertainty. My paraprotein has gone up to 14. The doctor thinks its not clear yet whats happening and that it might still plateau. My experience has been that I respond well to treatment initially but then the paraprotein swings and rises happily- and that's what I think is happening. I don't like the thalidomide but have agreed that I'll try the 4th cycle and also that we double the thalidomide dose. How I react to the thalidomide will tell us whether I can complete the cycle or not and if the paraprotein goes up or down at the end of the cycle we'll know whether its worth it or not. I can come off the cycle at any time if I react as badly as I did the first time. Be interesting to see what happens because it appears I'm also a bit neutropenic though not desperately so. So double dose of thalidomide from tonight.

But consoled by the fact I can watch the Tour de France most days. If the decision had been made not to go on with cycle 4 we thought about going to Paris to for the 27th July and see the end of the Tour- as we did some years ago with our kids ( when they really were kids) and saw Steven Roche( I think) the Irishman, come in as winner. This year our hope would have been to see another Celtic rim win with David Millar the Scot coming in who was 5th overall yesterday but fell back a bit today. But I suspect he won't win it and we won't be there anyway!

Having myeloma is a wee bit like the Tour de France- you win some stages and lose others and never quite know how things are going to pan out. Also much more difficult race without good friends and family supporting you a long. We should have the equivalent of the yellow jersey- the Myeloma Jaune instead of the Maillot Jaune! Phew- I'm getting surreal and maudlin again. But last year, my GP did say that he thought I was taking more drugs than the Tour de France riders- that's quite a statement.

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Don said...

Another Tour de France addict! I'm riveted to the tube first thing every morning (live coverage starts at 7:00 or 7:30 am and goes until the end of the race, usually at least three hours). I love it, and if past experience is a guide I will have withdrawal after the Tour is over.

I didn't know that Millar was a Scot - that raises him a full notch in my estimate! But I also like Mark Cavendish from the Isle of Man. What a promising young rider, though he isn't a GC contender this year. I do so hope he doesn't fall prey to the drug culture.

I hope your doctor is right and your protein is still heading for a nice long plateau.