Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hi Fred

I hear my failure to keep my blog up to date has made some folks wonder if all is OK!! Usual story- this is my first week of my cycle and the mixture of Thalidomide, melphalan and prednisolone takes its toll and energy levels a bit low. More importantly there is also the Tour de France on the telly and I've just seen Mark Cavendish take his third stage. The commentators say that three stages in one tour is a record for a British cyclist but we all know that as he is from the Isle of Man and a Manx man he is of course from the Celtic fringe as well.

Dental hospital tomorrow to check on the osteonecrosis in my jaw and then with the all clear we are going away for a week so probably no posts then as we are in wildest Scotland. This is my first week on the double thalidomide so we'll see what its like when I'm off the steroids. We've planned the drive to where we're staying to coincide with my first day without steroids- which is usually not bad. I usually sink for a couple of days after that but it will be a change to dip a bit in a different setting. And if I'm up to it- the Balquihidder Highland games are nearby. My wife thinks I make up all the names of these little Highland Games events- first we were at Drumtochty and now Balquihidder!

So we're all going on a summer holiday....... ( I hope)

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auchnacree said...

Hello Stewart
I have followed your blog for some time and I suppose to some extent its because despite working in Social Work for thirty years our paths have never crossed. I read one of your books early on in my social work training and of course I remember you telling me about being employed in one of the Lanarkshires back in the early 70's. Whether that had any influence on me to become a social worker who knows but I have over the years read bits and pieces about you and of course having shared some classes at school it has all enhanced my interest in the blog.
I also note your occasional passing references to Brechin and the football which I suppose sparked some interest also. Anyway I have admired your accounts of the treatments, pressures and diversions that you have written about and wanted to wish you continued fortitude in your engagement with myeloma.


Alistair Pender