Sunday, 27 July 2008

Brechin, Tour de France and clinics

(Firstly a Brechin City paragraph- prompted by the comment on my last post. Hi Alastair- good to hear from you- can't email you as I don't have an email address....?. But the blog has allowed me to make contact with other folks from Brechin High School- Ken ( Currie) and I have met up a few times; we've also met with Alex Garbut and I'm trying to meet up with Ken and George Easton( I think you may know him as well). I know you know Jon and heard from him that he knew you well.)

Couldn't make it to the Tour de France finale on the Champs Elysees in Paris but one of our friends was there and texted a photo of the finish- not quite the same thing but good nevertheless. Thanks for the foto Maureen!

My haematology clinic appointment has been brought forward so on Thursday we should know if I'm to carry on with the thalidomide etc treatment. You'll recall I've doubled up on the Thalidomide and it is actually tolerable but does make me very tired and takes my system down a bit. It is tolerable and to put it in context one of the folks reading this blog contacted me to tell me that when they doubled his thalidomide dose he knew it was time to have it reduced when he couldn't remember his name at the clinic reception desk!! But it has been manageable but the real test is of course what its doing to my paraprotein levels- for that reason I'm going in to get my bloods done tomorrow so we have the results for the clinic discussion on Thursday. If the paraprotein has gone up then can't see the point of carrying on. If down, then we might need to keep going. If its stuck at the same level- then that's a tricky one. We'll see. But quite keen to have a decision as the uncertainty means we can't make plans in other areas of our life.

Myeloma does eat into the old diary a bit and in the next two weeks I have clinic appointments at haematology, clinical oncology, diabetes, the dental hospital and referred back to the orthopaedic guys to have a look at the pin in my leg. Time consuming stuff!

But to make many of you jealous- our solar panels are working wonderfully and we're only occasionally putting on the heating just now for hot water! We also have another plumbing etc project in the planning but again it does show that whatever else the myeloma is doing it is still allowing me to take on wee projects though I might do them a bit slower than I used to.

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