Friday, 20 June 2008

Paraprotein slightly up again.

My paraprotein which was down to 10 is now at 11. We don't of course know if this is the result of a plateau or whether its going up again so we'll see at the next clinic. Thinking seems to be that we might try to up the thalidomide dose just in case I get some benefit from that. We'll see what the next paraprotein result is. I finished taking the melphalan, prednisolone, thalidomide mix this morning so we'll see what that does to my blood counts- at this stage the last two cycles I became neutropenic and also ended up in hospital both weekends- hope to avoid that tomorrow!

Meantime as usual, the myeloma trail is full of appointments- I'm having 5 consecutive sessions of radiotherapy on my shoulder which is proving troublesome again and also waiting on a Dental hospital appointment to explore further the osteonecrosis in my jaw. All the drugs I'm taking are playing havoc with my INR( the baseline for determining my warfarin dosage) so I'm currently getting my blood tested for that every two or three days. And since the steroids throw me into insulin dependent diabetes on a short term basis I've also two diabeteic clinics to attend. Phew. Time consuming this myeloma business! If anybody knows of a doctor offering body transplants........

But the main pleasure I'm getting just now is watching the gauge showing our solar collector heating the domestic hot water with no gas involved- I knew it was a good idea!

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Mick Richardson said...

Well, Stewart, I wrote you a long and interesting (I think) message but I lost it when I had to register on Google.
Let me try again to remember what I wrote. I found your e-mail again and logged onto the blog. First time I have ever read someone's blog. I was tempted when I learned about one written by a lad who had the same brain tumour as me but I chickened out. My skin is shrinking now even at the thought of all that.
You have an amazing grasp of the medications you take and the results of the treatments in terms of protein levels, etc. Very impressive. Doctors over here seem reluctant to give you the numbers from tests, as in 'Don't worry, the doctor knows best.
Anyway, I will be over in August and you can explain to me how solar panels heat your water up. I had heard that sunny weather is not necessary but it is still hard to believe. Also, any chance of another tin of anchovy-stuffed olives? I have been unsuccessful but relentless in my search for these in St. Louis.
Please give a big hug and a kiss to Elspeth.
All the best,